2016 charity donation activity

December 2016, according to our company principles of creating value and giving back to society, to show that we are both a caring and responsible enterprise, a “charity donation activity” was organized and received the full support of all our staff.


2017 Volunteer Activity

Since June 2016, 52 members of staff have joined the volunteer team, November 9, 2017 in the second phase of the "new volunteers training", 30 members of staff attended the training lead by instructor Mai Bijian from the Nanshan district federation of training.


2017 Tree Planting Activities

On May 7, 2017, under the organization of the Company's Party branch, trade union and Youth League branch, nearly 40 employees of the company participated in the tree-planting activity themed "Innovation Shenzhen · Forest City". Adhering to the concept of "Synergy of knowledge and practice", the employees contribute to the construction of green Shenzhen by participating in public tree-planting activities, arouse the public's awareness of green ecology, and advocate the green ecological environment to be jointly built, and shared by all. The company has passed on the responsibility and love of social welfare to family members and children, and practiced the corporate culture connotation with "health, happiness and progress" and "love, vitality and responsibility" as the core elements with its own practical actions.