4 Trainees complete FUJI Trading Ship Supplies Training


In March, the group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Fuji Trading in Singapore, since the signing both parties have been making progress towards in-depth cooperation and development. 

The four trainees selected by the Group set off on April 5, and on May 30 successfully completed the seven-week ship supply training program at Fuji Trading in Singapore, upon their return they held a presentation to share their experiences at UA headquarters in Nansha. Trainees, Li Fan, Liu Yi, Francis Zhao and Mo Zonghui shared their experiences and the knowledge gained during their training to those present, as a sign of the importance placed on this trainee program, Group President Raymond Chen was present along with UG consultant Yong Jingpeng and Singapore representative Hawk Huang.


The trainees shared the lessons from their enriching experience at Fuji Trading. The training program was structured to ensure that they had the opportunity to experience the whole range of Fuji Trading operations, changing department every week, learning about the ship supplies, quality control, inventory management, billing and the delivery of supplies to the vessel at PSA terminal and at anchorage.

Beyond the opportunity to learn more about the ship supplies business. This was an opportunity for the trainees to witness first hand a new method of working, following Fuji Trading employees and the strict and efficient standard procedures that have ensured the high quality service provided by Fuji Trading.

The training program also offered the trainees the opportunity to enjoy a new working and language environment, not just from interacting with the local Fuji Trading employees but also their fellow trainees from Japan with whom they established deep relationships with during their training program.


This training program not only served as part of the strategy for UG to expand its international vision but also part of the group’s strategy to implement the agency+ product extension to include domestic ship supplies activity, integrating an internationally renowned brand and operating method with our domestic network.