Yang Triangle Seminar


At 13:30 PM on September 8th, the Yang triangle seminar took place in Shenzhen.

This seminar was led by UG president Raymond Chen and was co-hosted by Yang Triangle Shenzhen Branch and Bo Business School. The theme for the seminar was corporate strategy and operational experience. Also present at the meeting were Mr. Bo Lianming, executive Director/President of TCL Group and TCL Multimedia CEO, and Mr. Gao Jifan, Chairman and CEO of Tianhe Solar Energy. The seminar was attended by nearly 20 middle and senior managers in Shenzhen.


The seminar began with a presentation from Raymond Chen, his presentation focused on three aspects, firstly his understanding of the Yang triangle theory (self-realization, family harmony, enterprise management), Secondly sharing his experiences of implementing this theory within the organization, lastly he told the story of Kai Markus, a German runner who ran across the Silk Road from Germany to China and the lessons of motivation and dedication that can be learned.


The second speaker for the day was Mr. Bo Lianming, Mr. Bo shared his practical experiences from his time at Huaxin Photoelectric and TCL. He also shared some theories behind the importance of creating a definite corporate strategy especially in times of uncertainty.


The last speaker for the day was Mr. Gao Jifan, his presentation focused on his 20 years’ experience building Trina Solar, how he adhered to innovation to set his company apart from the competition, strived to enter international markets while remaining strong in domestic markets as well as maintain a long term developmental view.


The three presentations were followed by an open discussion between the speakers and the attendees representing the end of an interesting and productive seminar.


At about 7:10pm, this session of Yang triangle practice sharing meeting-Shenzhen station ended smoothly.