2017 UG Employee Orientation Training


Along with the rapid development of the group’s business, we are seeing increasing numbers of new employees every year. In order to improve the onboarding of new recruits, helping them understand our company background, integrate smoothly, improve and develop their work place skills, UG held the first orientation training program in Shanghai and South China on June 24th 2017, with a total of 60 new recruits from regions across China taking part.

The orientation training covered such aspects as, corporate strategy, corporate culture, communication and collaboration skills, work place skills and knowledge as well as work place safety.

Team building inspires potential

Prior to the orientation training employees first got to know each other online via wechat. The new recruits in South China enjoyed an outdoors training session helping to build up their team working ability and friendship.



Improve your professional quality

During a professional development session held by Mr. Zhu Xiaoming, employees were given insight on the mind set required to be successful within the workplace, via the sharing of real life case studies the employees learnt the importance of self-control, responsibility, continuous learning, positivity, gratitude and win-win cooperation.


Mr. Ruan Guonan from Industrial Securities School of Wealth Management, held a practical workshop on teamwork. Groups of employees worked together to assemble helicopters and other tasks, focusing on the required team communication, cooperation required to meet tasks and goals within the set time frame.




Specially invited to provide the next training session were “First Respond” who were the first “first-aid “training platform in China. The instructors provided instructions and knowledge on how to deal with emergencies, increasing the employees’ ability to deal with emergencies and accidents.



Business processes see the whole picture

Conor Henton, our British colleague from the Unitrans Group, provided an English training session in Shanghai, incorporating some fun games and fundamental business English. Guo Changqi, general manager of SUNISCO Operations Department, And Zhao Xianbo, finance Department of Unitrans Agency, also provided some practical advice and expertise for the new employees.



 Welcome dinner for new employees

To bring the orientation training program to an end, a welcome dinner was held in South China, hosted by Unitrans Group President Raymond Chen and attended by all the senior management. The dinner was started by a warm and welcoming speech by Raymond Chen, after dinner awards were presented to the standout participants of the training program.



With the end of the welcome dinner for new employees in South China , the first orientation training of 2017 has also come to a successful conclusion, and the journey for our new employees now officially begins.