UA successfully held the first intern exchange activities


On June 11, 2017, Unitrans Agency in Shenzhen headquarters hosted its first intern seminar. Interns from across the company to join and discuss their experiences, the seminar was hosted by HR General Manager Derek Cai.

The seminar began with the interns introducing themselves, the University they studied at, their intern role and some personal information, these introductions served as an ice-breaker and helped facilitate an open and positive discussion based on their experiences and future career plans.

The discussion was followed by a practical business role play simulation activity, interns were invited to play out market situations and corporate decision making simulations. After the role playing activities were completed the interns joined together to go bowling, ending a productive day with some fun and relaxation.


The intern seminar offered a great opportunity to improve the understanding between the company and the interns, offering an open platform to provide feedback and improve communication.