“Service Excellence” Work Shop


An excellent customer experience is the core competitiveness of every organization and serves as foundation for continuing success in the internet era. On June 3rd UA held “Service Excellence” seminar in the Hyatt Regency hotel. More than 60 employees from across various departments and branches attended the seminar.

The seminar was held by Mrs. Fang Ming who has over 18 years of management training experience including time spent in international hotel chains such as United States Marriot and the Wyndham Group.


The seminar began in the morning with some warm-up Tai Chi exercises, followed by Mrs. Fang Ming sharing her view on her two core concept of behind improving customer experiences, optimization of customer time and improving customer experience. She also shared her thoughts on the success of the “Haodilao” brand and how this case study emphasizes the importance of service quality. Mrs. Fang acted as both instructor and consultant, taking questions from the participants, leading participants to realize problems, analyze problems and provide practical solutions.


Group Discussions



Everybody is aware of the concept of service but very few actually understand it. Mrs. Fang gave an explanation of her definition of service excellence. Sharing her practical experience and solutions and outlining the rules behind the 5S service philosophy.




Q&A session

This seminar was based around “business etiquette” and is part of a series of seminars planned for the future. These seminars are short, however the effect of these seminars on the organization are long lasting, helping the organization to reach higher goals and strive to attain “service excellence”.