Unitrans Agency Pulp logistics Project Dept. officially begins bonded warehouse logistics operations in Nansha

Unitrans Agency pulp logistics project dept. officially begun bonded warehousing operations in Nansha on 21st March 2020, with the first shipment from Canadian pulp brand Catalyst aboard MV STAR ISTIND berthing at Guangzhou Port Group Nansha general cargo terminal.



UNITRANS AGENCY (UA) is the national and overseas shipping agency brand of Unitrans Group, with a history dating back to 1998. Unitrans Agency has more than 20 offices in major ports across China including Shenzhen, South China, East China, North China, and has set up offices and subsidiaries in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, mainly engaged in shipping operation, documents, load and settlement operations, equipment control and operation, electronic commerce and general services, providing a cross-regional network and a full range of shipping agency services.


UG 2017 Shipping Agency Seminar

On the 25th of June 2017, The UG Shipping Agency Seminar was held in Guangzhou. Attending the seminar were, UG Management Raymond Chen、James Huang、and Frank Han, Unitrans Agency HQ Management, branch managers from each port, and a number of carrier representatives.