Unitrans Agency Pulp logistics Project Dept. officially begins bonded warehouse logistics operations in Nansha


Unitrans Agency pulp logistics project dept. officially begun bonded warehousing operations in Nansha on 21st March 2020, with the first shipment from Canadian pulp brand Catalyst aboard MV STAR ISTIND berthing at Guangzhou Port Group Nansha general cargo terminal.


Unitrans Agency pulp logistics project dept. provided bonded warehousing, inventory management, customs clearance, delivery and logistics services.


The global spread of covid-19 has severely affected exports from North America and Europe. In pursuit of zero inventory, upstream pulp suppliers in Europe and the United States are now faced with a supply chain crisis, paper mills in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are also faced with the risk of shutdown due to material shortages. Everyone is starting to look at building a safety inventory for the Asia-pacific, mainland China due to its stability and infrastructure advantages offers an ideal location for such safety inventory. Thanks to its superior geographical location and port infrastructure, Nansha is undoubtedly an excellent site for the establishment of an Asia-pacific distribution center. The development of Pulp Logistics Project Dept. is also the first step to seizing the opportunity of pulp logistics distribution center and building an international full stretch logistics supply chain covering the Asia-pacific region.