The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area supply chain research institute was inaugurated in Nansha, Guangzhou


On the morning of August 18, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed between Guangzhou Nansha development zone and Shanghai maritime university and the opening ceremony of supply chain research institute of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area was held in Nansha district.

According to the agreement, the administration committee of Nansha development zone, Shanghai maritime university and other six parties jointly initiated to build the greater bay area supply chain research institute.


At the unveiling ceremony, Cai Chaolin, member of the standing committee of Guangzhou municipal party committee and secretary of Nansha district committee, said that building an international shipping center and building a high-level opening gateway to the outside world requires the agglomeration of various high-end elements in Nansha. Shanghai maritime university is a century-old famous university with distinctive shipping characteristics. It has obvious advantages in education and training, scientific research, industry think tank and decision-making consultation, etc. It has provided important talents and technical support for the development of national shipping industry, and is known as "the cradle of senior shipping talents". The signing of the agreement and the opening of the research institute will open a new chapter in the cooperation between Nansha and Shanghai maritime university, which will provide a strong intellectual support and human resources for the development of Nansha, as well as a base and platform for Shanghai maritime university in teaching, scientific research, social practice and achievement transformation, and open up new space for development. It is believed that with the abundant faculty and outstanding professional advantages, Shanghai maritime university will surely achieve greater development in the cooperation, and will also vigorously promote the development and take-off of Nansha. Nansha development zone will provide services for the development of Shanghai maritime university in Nansha, give full play to the discipline and specialty advantages of Shanghai maritime university, and strengthen cooperation in shipping, logistics, supply chain, free trade zone and other fields. Together with Shanghai maritime university and other initiators, we will support the research institute to become bigger and stronger, and build an international think tank, a gathering area for high-end talents and a collaborative cooperation base for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao supply chain research, so as to make the research institute a bright spot and a model for government-school cooperation.

Shanghai maritime university President You-fang Huang said, which is located at the center of a large bay area of Guangdong geographic geometry, Nansha is the only way to national center of Guangzhou city to the sea, in Hong Kong and Macao to service all the way "area", the bay area, free trade area, and other countries in the important position in the strategy, Shanghai maritime university have confidence in the future development of Nansha, hope that the two sides to sign this as an opportunity to each director, play to the unique advantages of each side, is really a group of "can copy, can promote the high quality of cooperation, realize common progress and common development and common prosperity, the greater contribution to the national strategy for the service.